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Jun 23, 2019

You've likely already noticed something different. We are now the House Dudes Podcast and in this episode we discuss the need for the change and what we have planned.

  • Rebranding from REI Rookies to House Dudes
  • The old brands we had running:
    • Valley Property Partners
    • Fargo Flips
    • Fargo Tunkey
    • REI Rookies
    • Meetups
    • Partnerships
    • more

Why are we making the change?

  • too much to remember and keep organized!
  • we are expanding to other markets
  • You want your ventures to feed each other, we found that was not optimized
  • tired of explaining our email address ;-)
  • maybe we should stop calling ourselves "rookies"

What else did this impact?

It really made us re-consider ALL of marketing efforts such as:

  • bandit signs
  • car wraps
  • websites
  • all social media
  • down to branded clothes

You've heard as say time and time again. Real estate investing is all about persistent and consistent behavior. Building brand awareness requires the same discipline.

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