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Dec 6, 2020

Jonathan Tuttle is the Fund Manager at Midwest Park Capital which is a private real estate investment firm providing accredited investors with exclusive access to high yield investment in the mobile home park vertical. Jonathan is also the Founding Director of the digital marketing agency, Revenue Ascend which was selected as one of Chicago’s most inspiring stories by Chicago Voyage Magazine. Recently, Jonathan was selected by Habitat for Humanity Youth Board as one of the top social media influencers in Chicago. Also, he was selected by the prestigious Crain's Chicago Business and Fox News Chicago as one of the best dressed Chicagoans. Wanting to create more value, he attended the program on negotiation for senior executives at Harvard Law School. In his spare time, Jonathan gives back to local charities and has sat on numerous board of directors to 100% nonprofits. Jonathan is passionate about teaching the everyday American how to flip mobiles homes which is easier to do and much less expensive!

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"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - JD