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Jul 21, 2019

Where do you fall on the buying scale?

Where do buyers fall on this scale in order to make a profit?
Let's establish what's 100% - full MLS retail price.

100-95% - Owner Occupants
80-90% - Buy and Hold Landlords
50-80% - Flippers
40-70% - Wholesalers

You may ask who buys below 40% of ARV.......simple answer: WINNNERS!!!!

Notice some ranges overlap, this isn't exact science.

Of course if you buy below, you'll just make more, this is to establish a top end.

It's OK for the people at the top end to buy from the people at the lower end, it took a lot of money, resources and time to find that deal.

  • Ex: Wholesaler to landlord
  • Ex: Landlord to Owner Occupant
  • Ex: Wholesaler to Flipper
  • Ex: Wholesaler to Flipper to Landlord

What should you do?

  • You can always sell up the scale, down usually will result in a loss and not ideal.
  • The lower you are on that scale, the more options you have to exit

Decide which of those people you are and plan accordingly.

  • Unless you plan to live in it, don't pay close to 100%
  • Plan on marketing or pursuing for your goals
  • Owner, talk to agents, research the MLS
  • Landlord, meet wholesalers and agents and flippers
  • Flippers, meet wholesalers
  • Wholesalers, you need to meet sellers directly!

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